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Effective business development is all about finding customers, creating customers and keeping customers

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It’s amazing who comes through our front door seeking marketing and business development. All-new businesses. Emerging businesses. Struggling businesses. We welcome them all for two reasons. We don’t specialize in any specific area of business development coaching. A diverse client base makes us better because we are constantly exposed to new business plan development and challenges.

Now what about your business? Are you looking for small business marketing? Considering launching a new business? Do you have an established business that needs a new business development process? Do you have more male or female customers – and are they 18-24 or 50+? Who are your best customers? Do you have “megacustomers”? Is it time to break out of your referral network?

What if your best business development plan was to generate sales from customers who are right under your nose?
What if your best business development plan was to generate sales from customers who are
right under your nose?

We need to know because there are no one-size-fits-all marketing and business development services. You need “Right-Sized” marketing services selected to maximize the impact of your marketing budget with low-risk, high-return strategies. Simply put, this means focusing your marketing dollars on the best prospects you can reach at least cost. Regrettably, the opposite is more common. Companies small and large spend the majority of their business development budget on the least likely to buy or the most difficult to retain. This, in turn, means the proverbial “low-hanging” fruit rots on the vine, a problem that can be traced back to a faulty business development plan or – even more common – unmarketing, defined as spending that actually discourages sales.

Make sure you read our Female Friendly page and Idea Starter – two eye-opening pages you won’t find on competing marketing web sites. It won’t take you more than a few minutes and could fundamentally change how you see marketing. Or Get Started now by telling us a little more about your company.