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I help my marketing clients sell more stuff – it’s that simple

By Wolfgang Franke, President Words at Work Marketing

Words at Work Marketing and our sister company – Words at Work Advertising – are the result of a natural evolution that dates back to Feb. 12, 1988, when I left the advertising world (OK, I – and all the other employees – had to leave because the agency partners sold their shares to another agency). I began by selling my ability to string together nouns and verbs, hence the name “Words at Work”. Soon, we were being asked to also handle graphics, media buying, planning, strategy and just about everything else you would expect from a company that provides advertising and marketing support.

Wolfgang Franke, President –
Words at Work Marketing

Do we deliver results? Yes. This is a business where you are only as good as your past year’s results, and you have to keep delivering results because nobody keeps an underperforming marketing company. You can learn more by reading a few samples of the generous testimonials we have received recently.

Just to prove that there is truth in marketing and advertising, we freely admit that some marketing stories are not iron-clad proof of performance. Why? Because the marketing company or consultant could just be a free-rider – someone who happened to be in the right place when an incredibly terrific product took off. At the same time, you can do great work and fail to deliver results because of one or more of the following factors: an economic downturn, intense competition, technology innovation, a natural disaster (see New Orleans), bad management, a product flaw. In the end, we marketing people get too much credit when sales go up and too much blame when things go badly.

“marketing people get too much credit when sales go up – and too much blame when sales go down”

You are probably wondering whether I am a “lone Wolf” The answer is no. We operate on the “film crew” model, which means at any one time we have a handful of employees and a much larger group of talented individual contractors who we retain as needed. Works well for us – works even better for our clients, because they are not saddled with costs for things that add no value to their business – fancy office space, admin staff, handlers.

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