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Yes, we can provide an integrated marketing communications mix for b2b marketing communications or digital marketing communications

Surprise. Developing a marketing communications plan is more affordable than you think.

It is a strange – but undeniable fact – that most companies don’t seek out the support of marketing communications agencies. And this has nothing to do with the size of the marketing budget or how the company is run.

Business marketing communications are not a priority because key decision makers don’t believe in it. Or they don’t understand it. Or they think they can’t afford whatever it costs to hire an individual marketing communications specialist or a marketing communications agency.

A thousand little marketing communications strategy lessons stretching over a quarter century

We understand what is stopping you and – one by one – we remove those barriers to entry. Start by forgetting the idea that you need to be an MBA to develop and implement a sound marketing communications plan. It can help – and we often work with MBAs – but it’s not mandatory because we offer an approach to marketing communications strategy you won’t find in a text book, a How-to book, or the latest Make-a-million-in-a-minute sales system. No, this is the product of a thousand little marketing lessons stretching over a quarter-century. The kind of lessons you learn by:

  • Walking through a grocery market and watching what happens. (Think the mall is a modern invention? Think again. The mall concept has been around for over two thousand years.)
  • Driving by three garage sales, presented consecutively over a 20-kilometre stretch of highway. Where we stopped – and why we stopped – could fill chapters of a marketing book without a single reference to niches, verticals, UPS or any other marketing mumble jumble.
  • Listening to a street person beg for money – with tremendous success. Think about that. The street person offers nothing, yet he gets money.
  • Watching Oprah and The View. These female-friendly shows are immensely popular because the decision makers were women or men who don't under estimate the power of female consumers.
  • Learning by reading books you won’t find in the marketing section of your local book store, such as “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

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