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The better way to improve sales negotiation skills, telephone sales skills and sales presentation skills

Does this sound familiar: you have an experienced sales manager and a solid sales team, plus a good marketing plan and a well established market share, but somehow this is all leading to flat or, worse still, declining lead generation and sales.

How can this be? What’s missing? It could simply be a lack of alignment or, put in simple terms, your sales management program and marketing plan are going in opposite directions, leading to confusion in the marketplace and missed sales opportunities. Here is what we often discover:

  • Each of your sales reps is a “one-off”, meaning they all have different sales skills and quirks that you would never see in a top performing sales rep (See our Gallery of Quirky Sales Reps) with sound sales techniques
  • Sales seminar - Order NowA new marketing plan was developed without the involvement and input of the sales team
  • Entrenched sales reps refuse to adopt/support the marketing plan and actually do things to subvert the plan
  • No sales manager training
  • Lack of sales management training for both existing reps and new reps

The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly
How many of these sales reps are on your team?

Sales People
From left to right: The Whiner: always has a reason why he isn’t generating sales. Mr. Angry: actually dislikes selling because he rarely has success. Happy Face: Keeps smiling despite having very little success. Deer in the Headlights: Appears OK in sales meetings, but freezes in front of the customer. The Pro: Looks the part. Makes all the right moves. And is smart enough to keep an open mind when it comes to training for sales.


Quick, easy sales training that (can) produce instant results

True story. One of our clients had a sales rep with poor sales techniques. In fact, he was getting blanked while other sales reps were racking up big numbers. The client asked Wolfgang Franke, President & Creative Director of Words at Work, to put on his sales training hat and provide an hour of one-on-one sales training. The very next day the sales rep scored a major sale. Another sales representative was stumped on how to make a sale with Asian couples who don’t (or won’t) speak English. Wolfgang offered a simple sales technique and the rep made a sale to an Asian couple the very next week.

How we can help your sales team with market tested sales coaching and seminars on selling

  • Audit of existing sales skills. Many sales reps claim to follow basic sales techniques, but can’t deliver when you put them to the test in a short role play
  • Audit of the team’s awareness of the competitive environment, your key selling points and the competition’s key selling points
  • Define the USP (unique selling point) and provide sales coaching and practical selling tips on how to deliver the USP in ten seconds or less (elevator test)
  • Introduction to market-tested sales management techniques, such as “bridging”
  • Develop list of customer objections and how to address each objection. We have yet to find a sales team that had a sound understanding of typical customer objections and – even more important – the information and sales skills required to deftly handle any objection
  • Provide input – pro or con – on existing customer touch points, such as how and when leads are addressed, appearance of sales rep, follow ups, complaint resolution
  • Team and individual sales management training

Finally, a few words in support of all hard working sales reps. It is unfair – and unreasonable – to expect results when you don’t provide the support the sales representative needs to be successful selling your product or service. Too many companies give sales reps little or no training and then complain bitterly when the numbers don’t come in.

Wolfgang Franke Your trainer: Wolfgang Franke brings more than 25 years of marketing and sales experience to his work. Expect your session to be informative, interesting and more than a little fun.

Giving your reps a handful of sales materials and a big, fat, glossy brochure is not sales support. It’s actually mostly a waste of money and tends to make the sales rep lazy because they rely on the printed materials to do all the selling. (Hint: Put your sales materials on your web site. It’s easier, faster and interactive). What your sales reps do need is effective sales training – and that’s where we can help.

Who else can benefit by booking our sales training and seminars on selling?

We can also help individuals, such as real estate agents, sole proprietors and contractors. For example, the biggest problem for contractors is something we call “contractor fatigue”. We tell you what it is and how to win sales by being the instant cure for contractor fatigue.

Ask about the Quick Hit

In addition to offering rates for individuals and groups (contact us to request a quote), we are now offering The Quick Hit – an intense, 90-minute training session for individuals. Also includes a telephone interview prior to the sales training to identify needs and challenges – and another telephone consultation after you have had a chance to put your training to the test.

Contact us by phone (905-940-6610) or online to learn more or schedule a custom sales training program for your team or individual sales reps.