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Different business people, Different marketing plans

What we really need in marketing is someone who has super powers.
"What we really need in marketing
is someone who has super powers."

Here are some common marketing pain points for a well established business:

Dispirited sales force. Misfiring channel marketing. Shrinking customer base. Stale business marketing strategies.

Now compare these to the pain points for a new business:

Zero brand awareness, no sales and marketing strategies. Well established competitors with huge marketing budgets. No second chances if the initial launch fails.

Or how about a small, local business:

No marketing plan for small business. Big box or chain store threatens to wipe you out. Poor customer retention.

Bottom line: Different businesses have different marketing challenges. So step one is to determine where you fit: new or emerging biz (always exciting), small biz (by far the biggest sector), established biz (yes, we can help you, too).