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Need restaurant marketing ideas? Interested in online restaurant marketing? Seeking better restaurant advertising ideas?

Ask us how to attract new business – and keep existing customers – with easy to implement restaurant marketing ideas and more focused restaurant advertising.

Restaurant marketing is, for the most part, stuck in the '80s. It's almost as if restaurant owner/operators have not heard about this thing called the Internet – and how it can be used at very little cost to increase sales to existing customers and attract a constant flow of new customers.

Then there is the exploding potential of social media. We have just developed a great application for Twitter that has wide ranging benefits for virtually any restaurant – and costs absolutely nothing to implement.

What else? Here are a couple more marketing ideas for your restaurant marketing plan:

  • Where the heck are the people? Your chefs, servers and hosts are a key element of your offering, yet they are often absent from restaurant web sites and restaurant advertising.
  • Replace your scatter-gun restaurant media plan with a focused restaurant media buy based on this simple idea – you have to be big somewhere.
  • How much of your restaurant marketing budget is devoted to online options? Do you think of a flyer as something that is printed and mailed to a customer? Or have you considered what would happen if your flyer printing cost was zero – and the customer came to your flyer.
  • Does your menu present your food offerings or does it sell your menu offerings?

With so many challenges (and opportunities), business as usual is not an option for your restaurant. You need some new ideas – and we have them.

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