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Forget about this thing called the Golden Years – it's a myth

It's not that hard to reach the 50+ demographic. You just have to get out of your head some of the most popular misconceptions and myths.

Call me anything. Just don't call me a Senior

There is a good reason why the term "Boomer" was invented. It was simply a matter of necessity. Marketers needed an alternative for "Senior" because that term is normally associated with someone who is "old". The typical Boomer will admit they are a little slower than they were in their youth. They will admit that they ache in a lot of places. They will not admit that they are old. Moreover, the definition of old varies depending on the age of the person making the judgement. For example, a 50-year-old may think that you are not old until you reach the age of 65, but a 70-year-old may think old age hits at 80.

Seniors surfing the net for info? Yes, and the numbers of net savvy Boomers is going up.  Way up.
Seniors surfing the net for info? Yes, and the numbers of net savvy Boomers is going up. Way up.

The Golden Years are not so golden

There was a time when you could look forward to your Golden Years, defined as the period after your children leave the home and the years when you have to take care of aging parents. That's all changed now. There is a good chance your children will be around until they are thirty – or maybe longer. By the time they do leave, you will likely be taking care of one – or both – of your parents to some degree. There is no gap. No rest. You may even find yourself with live-at-home children and parents who need care. All at the same time. Not so Golden.

50+ consumers come equipped with a highly sensitive BS metre

You would be well advised to treat a 50+ consumer with a little respect. Most important, don't demand that they do anything. The average 50+ consumer has likely seen over 100,000 advertising messages – and been disappointed countless times by products and services that over promised and under delivered. They won't be fooled again and come equipped with a highly sensitive BS meter that goes off the minute they see a vapid commercial that says nothing, insults their intelligence – or both.

Boomers want to look like twenty somethings

It's true that Boomers don't want to look their age – and will spend a lot to achieve that goal. But this is not the same as saying Boomers want to look young. Boomers want to look young for their age and to achieve that goal they will work out, eat smart and generally take care of themselves. Walk into your local fitness centre and you will see a scattering of young individuals – and a whole lot of Boomers. There is huge sales potential in these trends, yet marketers continue to spew out advertising that is aimed at twenty somethings.

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